Your Apartment

Each apartment offers all of the services and space necessary for you to rest and relax. You will be provided with a spacious apartment, entirely equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Le St-Malo’s apartments can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of its residents.

The perfect home.

The Residence

Located in Longueuil, a stone’s throw from the shores of the St. Lawrence River and Vieux-Longueuil, Le St-Malo Residence provides accommodation facilities in a prestigious setting with courtyards and gardens and a spectacular view of Montreal. Walks and visits with loved ones will become privileged moments. As well, you may relax in our reading lounges and libraries located on each floor, or pamper yourself at our hair salon. And let’s not forget, you get ringside seats to Montreal’s Fireworks Festival.


Le St-Malo Residence prides itself on providing an upscale dining experience to its senior residents. Our catering service is an added value to their wellbeing. The residence has a dining room with a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River, table service, where you will be served a quality meal. Each menu is developed by our chef Adrissi and nutrition specialists and a nutritionist, providing you with a range of healthy, balanced and especially tasty meals. You can also obtain diet meals. Many culinary themes are presented throughout the month, covering all types of nationalities. As well, the chef proposes tasting different dishes in the form of little nibbles. An afternoon snack is also provided: finger foods, hot and cold beverages, cakes, yoghurt.

Medical Services

  • Two physicians are appointed to the residence
    (One is available once a week and the other is available once every two weeks)
  • Optometrist (visits once a month at the residence)
  • Podiatrist (available upon request)
  • Chiropractor (available upon request)

Nursing service

  • On site, a nurse with 25 years of experience organizes appointments at the residence with external doctors and ensures that medications are taken.
  • Personalised service for residents
  • Staff available day and night
  • Emergency alarm
  • Booking of appointments with specialists
  • Distribution of medication
  • Ordering of prescriptions
  • Individual care: bandages, vital signs, drops, injections, vaccination, venipunctures (blood samples), etc.

Wellness Service

The personnel at the reception is empowered to answer all of the residents’ requests.

Personal Driver Service

On request. And Le St-Malo can provide assistance to its clients in the case of unforeseen events.

Religious Service

Mass is celebrated once a week in the chapel.

Day Centre

Need a few days to attend to personal matters without worrying about the wellbeing of a loved one? Le St-Malo provides an opportunity for seniors to make spontaneous visits and participate in outings, activities and other services offered at the residence. This option allows primary caregivers and family members to better reconcile their personal and professional life, their health related needs as well as their day-to-day responsibilities.

During this time, autonomous and semi-autonomous persons as well as seniors with a loss of autonomy will benefit from the assistance of a qualified staff member and be invited to participate in various outings, such as movies at the cinema, visits to the Casino, cruises on the St. Lawrence River and excursions in Old-Montreal (see the calendar schedule of activities). The accommodation costs start at $50.00 per day (depending on the patient’s mobility), for a minimum period of one month. Various packages, including meals and activities, are also available upon request. For an additional $50 per day, the package will include 3 meals, house cleaning, laundry and nursing service. Other à la carte services are available.


  • Various activities
    (cruises, daily excursions, walks, etc.)
  • Pétanque court
  • Pool table
  • Movie theatre
  • Common areas to entertain visitors

Group Outings

  • Amphibus in the Old Port
  • Sugar Shack
  • Cinema
  • IMAX Cinema
  • Cruise on the St. Lawrence (half day)
  • Apple picking
  • Pontoon ride on the St. Lawrence
  • Theatre


  • Bowling on a wide-screen (Wii)
  • Rings
  • Darts
  • Bean bags
  • Bingo

The Neighbourhood

Located only a stone’s throw from Vieux-Longueuil, you will enjoy the many restaurants and boutiques. This proximity (walking distance) makes it the perfect place for your outings with your family and friends and, therefore, allows you to be closer to them.

Spacious apartments

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - votre logis

Independent living

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Service aux tables

Common areas to entertain visitors

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Service à la personne

Restaurant with a view of the St. Lawrence River

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Service aux tables

Quality and nutritious meals

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Service aux tables

Flower gardens

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Jardins fleuris

A variety of activities

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Loisirs variés

Group activities

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Service aux tables

A fabulous view of Montreal

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - Vue sur Montréal

A stone’s throw from Vieux-Longueuil

Résidence Le Saint-Malo - proche du Vieux longueuil